New Arrivals at The Bottle Shop

Posted Friday, October 19th, 2018

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12oz 6pks & Singles Troegs Mad Elf 2018

12oz 6pks Lagunitas Born Yesterday "Fresh Hop IPA
"Sells Very Fast"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Sloop Simcoe Juice Bomb
N.E. IPA "Canned on 10/03/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Thomas Hooker Ode To Blumpy
N.E. IPA "Canned on 10/05/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Free Will Pink Guava Muse Milk Shake IPA
"Canned on 10/02/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Bolero Snort Bully Juice
"Canned on "Canned on 10/02/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Half Acre Now and than IPA
"Canned on 9/28/18"

16oz 4pk Cans Thomas Hooker No Filter
N.E. IPA "Canned on 9/11/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Fulton Brewing Specter IPA

16oz 4pk & Singles Troegs Golden Things Dry-Hopped DIPA
"Canned on 9/26/18"

12oz 6pk & Single Cans Epic Drama Juice
N.E. IPA "Canned on 9/07/18"

12oz 6pk & Single Cans D.C. Brau on the Wings of Armageddon IPA
"Canned on 9/27/18"

12oz 6pk & Single Cans Stone Sanctimonious
"Canned on 10/05/18"

16oz 4pk & Single Cans Neshaminy Maximum Mocha Porter

16oz 6pk Cans Narragansett Auto Craft Coffee Milk Stout

12oz 6pk & Single Bottles Ballast Point Victory at Sea
"Peanut Butter Porter"

12oz 6pks Ballast Point Victory At Sea Vanilla Porter

12oz 6pks Evil Genius I'll have what She's Having Hazelnut Imperial Stout

12oz 4pk & Singles Saucony Creek Maple Mistress Imperial Pumpkin
"With Maple Syrup Added"